Teahupoo have long been building the vw Kombi conversion. Known for it’s ability to out price any factory built people carrier. Also known for their quietness once on the road, due to the build strategy. Again Teahupoo source the cheapest vans in the country and to fit your requirements and budget. All Original Volkswagon parts are used including the 2 + 1 quick release seating.

Also the day van is becoming ever more popular and with a lower budget, this van still helps our customers out on the road. Please find below a list of parts used in the Kombi and Day Van build.


  • 2 windows (one opening)
  • Fully insulated and sound proofing (injection foam). A feature which an Original Kombi does not have
  • Fully boarded out (not with the card board sides from the Volkswagon Kombi)
  • LED Lights in the roof
  • Original rubber floor matting through out, with sound and cushion insulation
  • 2 + 1 original Rear seats. Quick release with Brackets and side mounted seat belts
  • New side and rear steps


  • Colour coded bumpers and mirrors
  • Side bars
  • 16 inch or 20 inch Alloy wheels
  • Front sportline Grill
  • LED Lights
  • Fog Lights
  • Roof Bars
  • Rear Spoiler
  • Rear glass in back door
  • Rear speakers built into carpet lining in the back of the van
  • VW Logo in the sides of the rear van
  • Television and DVD
  • LED lighting in the back of the front seats, in the seat base
  • LED Lights in the tail gate board
  • All of the above can be used in a Day Van conversion, as well as the below
  • A full length fixed Rock and Roll Bed
  • Gas box with gas
  • Leisure Battery
  • 12 volt plugs
  • 240 hook up point and 240 plug sockets
  • Table
  • Zig unit
  • Single front passenger and Driver seats on Swivel Bases
  • The full van Upholstered to your spec
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vw kombi conversion
vw kombi conversion
vw kombi conversion
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vw kombi conversion
vw kombi conversion